Top 12 Questions to Ask Residents During Interview

Questions to Ask Residents During Interview:  Selecting the right resident is a critical decision for any property manager or landlord. A thorough interview process can help ensure that you find the ideal candidate to occupy your rental space. However, conducting a successful interview requires more than just basic questions about rental history and references. To truly understand if a potential resident is the right fit for your property, you need to ask the right questions.

Top 12 Questions to Ask Residents During Interview

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essential questions to ask residents during interviews, covering topics that will help you make an informed decision and create a harmonious living environment for all.

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1. Can you provide references from previous landlords?

Starting with the basics, asking for references from previous landlords is a fundamental step in assessing a potential resident’s rental history and behavior. This can give you insights into their past experiences as tenants, including whether they paid rent on time, took good care of the property, and were respectful neighbors.

2. What is your reason for moving?

Understanding why a potential resident is moving can provide valuable insights into their motivations and circumstances. Are they relocating for work, looking for a bigger space, or escaping a problematic living situation? Their reasons can help you gauge their commitment and suitability for your property.

3. What is your current employment status and income?

Verifying a potential resident’s income and employment status is crucial for assessing their ability to pay rent reliably. Be sure to inquire about their current job, income stability, and whether they have any additional sources of income. This information helps you determine if they meet your income requirements.

4. Have you ever been evicted from a rental property?

A history of evictions can be a red flag. It’s essential to ask this question directly to assess a potential resident’s honesty and to gauge any potential issues that may arise during their tenancy. If they have been evicted in the past, inquire about the circumstances and whether they have taken steps to prevent a recurrence.

5. Do you have any pets, and if so, what type and how many?

Pets can be a significant factor in determining whether a potential resident is a good fit for your property. Clarify your pet policy and ask about the type, size, and number of pets they have. Additionally, inquire about their pet’s behavior and any previous rental experiences with pets.

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6. How many people will be living with you, and do you anticipate any changes?

Understanding the number of occupants and potential changes in the household composition is crucial for maintaining compliance with occupancy limits and ensuring a comfortable living environment for all. This question can also help you anticipate any additional wear and tear on the property.

7. Can you provide information about your rental history and any prior disputes with landlords?

Asking about a potential resident’s rental history and any previous disputes with landlords can help you identify potential issues early on. It’s essential to listen carefully to their explanations and assess their ability to communicate and resolve conflicts effectively.

8. Are you familiar with the terms of the lease agreement and willing to abide by them?

Ensure that potential residents fully understand and are willing to comply with the terms of your lease agreement. This includes rules regarding rent payment, maintenance responsibilities, and any specific policies unique to your property. Clear communication on this front can prevent misunderstandings down the road.

9. How do you handle maintenance requests and repairs?

Understanding how a potential resident deals with maintenance requests and repairs is crucial for ensuring the well-being of your property. Ask about their expectations and preferences when it comes to addressing maintenance issues promptly and effectively.

10. What are your hobbies and interests?

While this may seem like a non-essential question, learning about a potential resident’s hobbies and interests can help you gauge their compatibility with the community and other tenants. It can also provide insights into their lifestyle and whether they will be a good fit for your property’s atmosphere.

11. Are you familiar with the neighborhood and its amenities?

A resident who is familiar with the neighborhood is more likely to stay long-term and become a positive part of the community. Ask if they have done any research on the area, its amenities, and if they have any specific preferences related to location.

12. Do you have any questions or concerns about the property or the lease terms?

Encourage potential residents to ask questions and express any concerns they may have. Their questions can provide valuable information about their expectations and level of commitment to the property.


Finding the perfect resident for your rental property is a crucial task that involves asking the right questions during the interview process. By delving into topics such as rental history, employment, pets, and lease agreement understanding, you can make informed decisions and create a harmonious living environment for both your property and your residents. Remember that open communication, careful consideration of their responses, and a willingness to address concerns can go a long way in ensuring a successful and mutually beneficial landlord-tenant relationship.

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