Top 12 Questions to Ask a Tattoo Artist

Questions to Ask a Tattoo Artist: Getting a tattoo is a significant decision and a lifelong commitment. Whether it’s your first or your fifteenth tattoo, choosing the right tattoo artist is crucial to ensure that your body art turns out just the way you envision it. To make an informed decision, it’s important to ask your potential tattoo artist the right questions.

Top 12 Questions to Ask a Tattoo Artist

In this blog post, we’ll explore 12 essential questions to ask a tattoo artist before you sit down in the chair.

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1. How Long Have You Been Tattooing?

Experience matters in the world of tattoo artistry. While a new artist might be talented, an experienced one brings a wealth of knowledge and a track record of consistent work. Ask your artist about their years of experience and inquire about their specialties and styles they are most comfortable with.

2. Can I See Your Portfolio?

A tattoo artist’s portfolio is like their resume. It showcases their past work and the diversity of styles they can create. By examining their portfolio, you can determine if their style aligns with your vision. Look for clean lines, vibrant colors, and overall quality in their work.

3. Do You Have a License and Certifications?

Tattooing should be done in a safe and sterile environment. Ensure that your artist is licensed and follows proper hygiene practices. Inquire about any certifications they may have, which can provide assurance of their professionalism and commitment to safety.

4. What Is Your Tattooing Process?

Understanding the artist’s tattooing process can help you feel more at ease during the appointment. They should be able to explain the steps involved, from creating the design and stenciling to the actual tattooing process and aftercare instructions.

5. Do You Use Sterile Equipment?

Safety should be a top priority when getting a tattoo. Ask about the sterilization techniques they use for their equipment, including needles and tattoo machines. A reputable artist will use disposable and single-use equipment or have a rigorous sterilization process in place.

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6. How Do You Handle Pain Management?

Pain tolerance varies from person to person. Inquire about the artist’s approach to pain management, such as the use of numbing creams or techniques to minimize discomfort during the tattooing process.

7. What Is Your Pricing Structure?

Tattoo prices can vary widely based on factors like size, complexity, and the artist’s experience. Ask about their pricing structure and if they charge by the hour or for the entire project. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the cost before you start.

8. Do You Offer Consultations?

A consultation is a great opportunity to discuss your ideas, preferences, and expectations with the artist. Ask if they offer consultations and whether there is a fee associated with them. It’s essential to be on the same page before the tattooing begins.

9. Can You Customize the Design?

If you have a specific idea in mind or want a unique design, discuss your vision with the artist. Ask if they are open to customizing the design to suit your preferences. A skilled artist should be able to adapt and create a design that aligns with your concept.

10. What Is Your Policy on Touch-Ups and Corrections?

Even the best tattoos may need touch-ups or corrections over time. Ask your artist about their policy regarding touch-ups and any associated costs. Knowing that they stand by their work and are willing to make adjustments can provide peace of mind.

11. How Do You Handle Aftercare?

Proper aftercare is essential for the healing and longevity of your tattoo. Inquire about the artist’s recommended aftercare instructions. They should provide detailed guidance on cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting your tattoo to ensure it heals beautifully.

12. Can I Get References?

Don’t hesitate to ask for references from previous clients. Talking to people who have had tattoos done by the same artist can provide valuable insights into their experience and the quality of the work.


Choosing the right tattoo artist is a crucial step in ensuring that you end up with a tattoo you’ll love for a lifetime. By asking these 12 essential questions, you can make an informed decision, build trust with your artist, and embark on your tattoo journey with confidence. Remember, a great tattoo is not just about the design but also the skill and professionalism of the artist who brings your vision to life.

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