Top 10 Period Questions to Ask Guys

Period Questions to Ask Guys: When it comes to discussing periods, many people are quick to assume it’s a topic only meant for women. However, we must break the stigma surrounding menstruation and create a more inclusive and understanding environment. Men, too, should be encouraged to engage in conversations about periods, as it helps foster empathy, support, and education.

Top 10 Period Questions to Ask Guys

In this blog post, we will explore some important period questions to ask guys, aiming to promote a better understanding of menstruation, and ultimately, break down the barriers that have kept this topic taboo for far too long.

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1. What Do You Know About Periods?

Let’s start with the basics. Ask the men in your life what they already know about periods. This question will reveal their level of knowledge and understanding. Some may surprise you with their depth of knowledge, while others might have misconceptions or limited information. Engaging in this conversation can be enlightening for both parties, and it’s a great starting point for breaking the ice.

2. How Can I Support You During Your Period?

If you’re in a romantic relationship or a close friendship, this question shows empathy and willingness to provide support. Understanding the specific needs and preferences of the person experiencing menstruation can make a significant difference. Some may appreciate a comforting gesture, while others may simply want some space and understanding during this time.

3. Do You Have Any Questions About Menstruation?

Encourage men to ask questions of their own. Creating an open and safe space for them to inquire about menstruation can help dispel myths and misconceptions. Questions might range from how long periods typically last to what causes menstrual cramps. Answering these queries will contribute to their overall understanding.

4. Have You Ever Been in a Situation Where You Needed to Help Someone with Their Period?

This question can lead to interesting stories and anecdotes. Menstruation can sometimes be an unexpected and inconvenient occurrence, and knowing how someone reacted in such a situation can provide insight into their level of empathy and understanding. Share your own experiences if applicable, and discuss the importance of being prepared and supportive when needed.

5. How Can We Make Menstruation Less Taboo in Society?

This is a broader question that encourages critical thinking and discussion about societal attitudes towards menstruation. Engage in a conversation about how to normalize period talk in schools, workplaces, and public spaces. Men can play a crucial role in advocating for more inclusive policies and breaking the silence surrounding menstruation.

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6. What Are Some Common Period Myths and Misconceptions?

Educate the men in your life about common myths and misconceptions related to menstruation. Busting these myths, such as the belief that menstrual blood is dirty or that women are overly emotional during their periods, can help dispel stereotypes and foster better understanding.

7. Have You Ever Felt Uncomfortable Discussing Periods?

This question invites men to reflect on their own experiences and feelings. Encourage them to share any discomfort they may have felt in the past when discussing menstruation. Understanding their perspective can help identify the reasons behind this discomfort and address them.

8. What Role Can Men Play in Promoting Menstrual Health and Hygiene?

Men can actively contribute to promoting menstrual health and hygiene. Discuss ways in which they can support organizations that provide menstrual hygiene products to those in need, raise awareness about period poverty, or even help design more user-friendly menstrual products.

9. How Can We Ensure Menstrual Education in Schools Is Inclusive?

Schools are where young minds are shaped, and comprehensive menstrual education is essential. Engage in a conversation about how menstrual education can be made more inclusive, addressing the needs of all students, regardless of gender. Discuss the importance of teaching boys about periods to foster empathy and understanding from a young age.

10. What Are Some Practical Ways to Track and Manage Periods?

For those in relationships or close friendships, understanding the practical aspects of period tracking and management can be valuable. Share information about period tracking apps, heating pads for menstrual cramps, or the significance of a balanced diet and regular exercise in managing menstrual symptoms.


Breaking the taboo around periods is a collective effort that involves everyone, regardless of their gender. Encouraging men to ask questions and engage in conversations about menstruation is a crucial step toward fostering empathy, breaking down stereotypes, and creating a more inclusive and understanding society. By addressing these period questions with an open mind and a willingness to learn, we can move towards a world where menstruation is no longer a taboo subject but a topic of education, empathy, and support for all.

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