11 Funny questions to ask gen z

11 funny questions to ask gen z: Generational differences can be a source of curiosity and sometimes even amusement. As we interact with Gen Z, the youngest generation, it’s essential to find common ground and engage in conversations that bridge the generation gap. One effective way to do this is by asking funny questions that not only break the ice but also showcase a shared sense of humor.

11 funny questions to ask gen z

In this blog post, we’ll explore 11 hilarious questions to ask Gen Z, encouraging laughter and fostering connections across generations.

1. What’s the weirdest TikTok trend you’ve seen lately?

  • TikTok is a hotbed of viral trends and challenges. By asking this question, you tap into Gen Z’s online culture and give them a chance to share the latest bizarre and humorous trends they’ve come across. It also provides an opportunity for both of you to discuss the ever-evolving nature of internet trends.

2. If you had to explain a VHS tape to someone who’s never seen one, how would you describe it?

  • This question is a humorous take on the rapid advancement of technology. It prompts Gen Z to imagine explaining an outdated technology to someone from their generation, emphasizing the generational shift in media consumption from VHS tapes to digital streaming.

3. What’s the most cringe-worthy slang term you’ve heard older generations use incorrectly?

  • Generations often have their unique slang, and sometimes older generations attempt to use it, leading to amusing misuses. By asking this question, you create an opportunity for Gen Z to share funny examples of slang misuse, highlighting the generation gap in language.

4. Have you ever had a “back in my day” lecture from someone much older than you? What was it about?

  • “Back in my day” lectures are a classic source of humor and eye-rolling among younger generations. Encourage Gen Z to share instances when they’ve been subjected to such lectures and the often amusing topics that were covered. It’s a chance to bond over generational wisdom and clichés.

5. If you could make one outdated item or trend from the past cool again, what would it be?

  • This question invites Gen Z to playfully imagine resurrecting something from the past and making it trendy once more. It can lead to entertaining discussions about retro fads and their potential appeal in today’s world, highlighting the cyclical nature of trends.

6. Can you share a funny or embarrassing moment from a family Zoom call or virtual event?

  • The era of virtual gatherings has given rise to a new set of amusing mishaps and awkward moments. Gen Z can share humorous stories about technical glitches, accidental appearances in the background, or awkward encounters during online family gatherings.

7. What’s the strangest viral challenge you’ve considered attempting but didn’t?

  • Internet challenges often straddle the line between entertainment and absurdity. By asking Gen Z about the weirdest viral challenge they’ve come across or considered trying, you invite them to share their take on internet culture and perhaps their own funny hesitations.

8. If you could create a meme that represents your life right now, what would it look like?

  • Memes are a significant part of Gen Z’s online culture and self-expression. Asking them to design a meme about their life opens the door for creative and humorous depictions of their daily experiences, interests, and challenges.

9. Have you ever witnessed an older relative struggling with modern technology in a comical way?

  • The generation gap in technology can lead to amusing moments when older relatives grapple with new gadgets and apps. Encourage Gen Z to share funny anecdotes about witnessing their elders’ tech-related mishaps, creating opportunities for generational humor.

10. What’s the most cringe-worthy dance move you’ve seen someone attempt in a public setting? –

 Dance moves can be both entertaining and awkward, especially when they venture into cringe-worthy territory. This question prompts Gen Z to describe or even imitate the most cringe-inducing dance moves they’ve encountered, leading to laughter and perhaps even a humorous dance demonstration.

11. If you could give older generations one piece of advice about understanding Gen Z, what would it be? – 

Concluding the conversation with this reflective question invites Gen Z to share insights into their generation with a touch of humor. Their advice can range from humorous to enlightening and can lead to valuable discussions about bridging generational gaps while having a good laugh.


Engaging with Gen Z doesn’t have to be daunting or serious; it can be a fun and enlightening experience. These 11 hilarious questions are designed to tap into Gen Z’s sense of humor and provide opportunities for laughter and connection. Remember that the goal is to create a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere where generational differences can be celebrated and embraced. So, go ahead and ask these questions, and you’ll find that laughter is a universal language that transcends generations.

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