30 Questions to Ask Your College Interviewer for a Well-Informed Decision

Questions to Ask Your College Interviewer: The college application process can be a whirlwind of essays, transcripts, and standardized test scores. However, the college interview is an often overlooked but crucial step in the journey to higher education. Not only does it allow admissions committees to get to know you better, but it’s also your chance to evaluate whether a college is the right fit for you. To make the most of this opportunity, you should come prepared with insightful questions to ask your college interviewer. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with 30 essential questions to ask during your college interviews.

Academic and Campus Life:

  • What is the college’s most popular major, and why?
      • Get insights into academic trends and strengths.
  • Can you describe the general academic atmosphere on campus?
      • Understand the balance between competitiveness and collaboration.
  • What academic resources are available to help students succeed, such as tutoring or writing centers?
      • Learn about support services for students.
  • How flexible is the curriculum? Can students explore different fields outside their major?
      • Understand the extent of academic exploration allowed.
  • Are there undergraduate research opportunities, and how can students get involved?
      • Explore avenues for hands-on learning and faculty collaboration.
  • What is the college’s approach to study abroad programs and global experiences for students?
      • Learn about opportunities to broaden your horizons.
  • How is the library and access to research materials, both physical and digital?
      • Understand the resources available for academic research.
  • Are there specific programs or initiatives for promoting diversity and inclusion on campus?
      • Explore the college’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive community.
  • Can you tell me about any notable faculty members or ongoing research projects?
      • Get a sense of the academic excellence at the institution.
  • What are the internship and co-op opportunities like for students in various majors?
    • Understand the practical experience available during your studies.

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Student Life and Support Services:

    • Can you describe the student housing options for freshmen and upperclassmen?
      • Learn about on-campus and off-campus living arrangements.
  • What is the availability of dining options on campus, especially for students with dietary restrictions or preferences?
      • Explore meal plans and food services.
  • How does the college support students’ mental health and well-being?
      • Understand the resources available for emotional support.
  • What types of clubs and organizations are active on campus, and how can students get involved?
      • Explore extracurricular opportunities.
  • Are there on-campus health services, and what healthcare resources are available to students?
      • Learn about medical facilities and health insurance options.
  • Can you describe the campus safety measures and the general safety of the surrounding area?
      • Understand security protocols and community safety.
  • What is the typical student workload, and how do students balance academics with extracurricular activities?
      • Gain insight into time management expectations.
  • Is there academic and career counseling available to help students plan their academic and professional paths?
      • Learn about guidance services.
  • How does the college promote community service and civic engagement among students?
      • Understand the institution’s commitment to social responsibility.
  • What is the college’s policy on internships, co-ops, and job placements, especially for recent graduates?
    • Explore career services and post-graduation opportunities.

Campus Facilities and Resources:

  • What facilities are available for recreational activities and sports on campus?
      • Learn about fitness centers, sports teams, and intramurals.
  • Can you tell me about the arts and cultural opportunities available on campus?
      • Explore theaters, art galleries, and cultural events.
  • Are there specialized facilities or labs for students in specific majors or fields of study?
      • Understand the resources available for your academic pursuits.
  • What technological resources are available to students, such as computer labs, Wi-Fi, and tech support?
    • Learn about access to technology.
  • Can you describe the public transportation options to and from campus, especially for students who may not have a car?
    • Understand transportation accessibility.

Financial Matters:

  • What is the cost of tuition, and are there opportunities for scholarships or financial aid?
      • Explore financial assistance options.
  • Can you provide information on work-study programs and part-time job opportunities for students?
    • Understand ways to support your finances while studying.

Student Success and Alumni:

  • What is the college’s graduation rate, and how does it support students’ success?
      • Learn about the college’s commitment to your academic journey.
  • Can you share some recent success stories or notable accomplishments of students or alumni?
      • Gain insight into the impact of the college on graduates’ lives.
  • What is the college’s long-term vision for its students and the institution as a whole?
    • Get insights into the college’s future plans and commitment to continuous improvement.


College interviews are an opportunity for both you and the institution to learn more about each other. By asking these 30 essential questions during your interviews, you can gain valuable insights into the academic, social, and support aspects of the college. Moreover, your thoughtful questions will demonstrate your genuine interest in the institution and help you make an informed decision about your future education. Remember that the college application process is not just about getting accepted; it’s about finding the right fit for your academic and personal growth. Best of luck with your college interviews and your journey toward higher education!

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