16 Questions to ask mormons

16 Questions to ask mormons: Engaging in open and respectful conversations with people of different faiths can be enriching and enlightening. When interacting with Mormons, it’s essential to approach the conversation with curiosity and respect. In this blog post, we’ll explore 16 thoughtful questions to ask Mormons that can help foster understanding, bridge gaps in knowledge, and promote meaningful dialogue.

16 Questions to ask mormons

1. Can You Share the Basics of Mormonism and Its Beliefs?

  • Significance: Starting with this question allows Mormons to provide an overview of their faith and beliefs, setting the stage for a more informed conversation.

2. How Does the Book of Mormon Differ from the Bible, and How Are They Related?

  • Significance: Understanding the relationship between the Book of Mormon and the Bible is essential to grasp the unique aspects of Mormon theology. It acknowledges the importance of both texts in their faith.

3. Can You Explain the Role of Joseph Smith in Mormonism’s Founding?

  • Significance: This question invites discussion about Joseph Smith’s pivotal role in the history of Mormonism, highlighting his significance as a prophet and founder.

4. What Is the Importance of Temples in Mormon Worship and Practices?

  • Significance: Temples are central to Mormon religious life, and exploring their significance provides insights into their faith’s unique rituals and sacred spaces.

5. How Do Mormons View Jesus Christ and His Role in Their Faith?

  • Significance: This question invites Mormons to share their beliefs about Jesus Christ, emphasizing his central role in their religious framework.

6. What Are the Core Principles of the Mormon Lifestyle, Such as the Word of Wisdom and Tithing?

  • Significance: Delving into these principles offers insight into the daily lives and values of Mormons. It helps you understand their commitment to health and financial stewardship.

7. How Does the Mormon Church Organize Its Leadership and Congregations?

  • Significance: Understanding the hierarchical structure of the Mormon Church and the organization of local congregations sheds light on the administrative aspects of their faith.

8. Can You Share Your Personal Experience With Mormon Missionary Work?

  • Significance: Learning about personal experiences with missionary work provides a glimpse into the impact of Mormon outreach efforts, emphasizing their commitment to spreading their faith.

9. How Do Mormons Approach Family and Genealogy?

  • Significance: Family and genealogy hold great importance for Mormons. Exploring this topic helps you understand their dedication to family ties and ancestral research.

10. What Are the Mormon Beliefs About the Afterlife and the Role of Families There? 

Significance: This question delves into their beliefs about the afterlife and the significance of families in eternal salvation, offering insights into their views on the continuity of relationships beyond mortality.

11. Can You Explain the Role of Service and Volunteering in the Mormon Faith? 

Significance: Learning about their commitment to service illuminates their sense of community and charity, emphasizing the practical application of their faith.

12. How Do Mormons View Other Christian Denominations and Interfaith Relations? 

 Significance: Understanding their perspective on other Christian denominations and interfaith relations promotes respectful dialogue and cooperation among diverse faiths.

13. Can You Share Some Common Misconceptions About Mormonism and Clarify Them? –

Significance: Addressing misconceptions helps dispel stereotypes and promotes a more accurate and respectful understanding of their faith.

14. What Are Some Mormon Traditions and Practices That Are Unique to Your Community? – 

Significance: Learning about unique traditions within their community highlights the diversity that exists within the broader Mormon faith.

15. How Can People of Different Faiths Foster Understanding and Respect Toward One Another? 

 Significance: This question invites discussion on promoting interfaith dialogue, mutual respect, and cooperation. It emphasizes the importance of empathy and tolerance.

16. Can You Recommend Resources for Further Learning About Mormonism? – 

Significance: Asking for resources demonstrates your genuine interest in deepening your understanding of their faith and culture. It also encourages ongoing learning and dialogue.


Engaging in meaningful conversations with Mormons, or individuals of any faith, requires an open heart and a willingness to learn and respect diverse beliefs. These 16 questions serve as a starting point for fruitful discussions, helping you gain a more profound understanding of Mormonism while fostering respect and tolerance for different faiths. Remember that respectful dialogue can lead to bridges of understanding and promote unity among people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

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