16 questions to ask interns about their experience

16 questions to ask interns about their experience: Internships are a valuable bridge between academia and the professional world, offering students practical experience and organizations fresh perspectives. To make the most of your internship program and gain insights into its effectiveness, it’s essential to ask interns about their experiences. In this blog post, we’ll explore 16 insightful questions to pose to your interns, enabling you to assess the internship program’s impact and areas for improvement.

16 questions to ask interns about their experience

1. What Motivated You to Apply for This Internship?

  • Significance: Understanding the motivations that led interns to your organization helps you assess the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts and the appeal of your company’s brand to young talent.

2. Did You Achieve Your Learning Objectives for This Internship?

  • Significance: This question allows you to gauge whether the internship program successfully met the educational and developmental goals you set for your interns.

3. What Were Your Key Responsibilities, and How Did They Align With Your Career Goals?

  • Significance: Assessing the alignment between interns’ responsibilities and their career aspirations helps evaluate if your internship program is providing valuable experiences and contributing to their professional growth.

4. Did You Receive Adequate Training and Support From Your Team and Supervisor?

  • Significance: Feedback on training and support highlights the effectiveness of your onboarding process and the quality of mentorship within the organization.

5. How Did Your Internship Experience Enhance Your Soft Skills (e.g., Communication, Problem-Solving)?

  • Significance: Soft skills are essential in the workplace. Understanding how the internship contributed to interns’ soft skill development helps gauge the holistic benefits of the program.

6. Were There Any Challenges You Faced During Your Internship, and How Were They Resolved?

  • Significance: Identifying challenges and their resolutions offers insights into the internship program’s ability to adapt and support interns effectively.

7. Did You Have Opportunities to Collaborate With Colleagues or Work on Team Projects?

  • Significance: Collaboration is a vital workplace skill. Knowing whether interns had opportunities to work with colleagues helps assess their integration into the organization’s daily operations.

8. What Was the Most Valuable Lesson or Skill You Gained From This Internship?

  • Significance: Identifying the most valuable takeaway from the internship highlights areas where the program excelled in providing significant learning experiences.

9. Did the Internship Meet Your Expectations, Exceed Them, or Fall Short?

  • Significance: This question gauges interns’ satisfaction levels with the program, allowing you to identify areas where improvements may be needed.
  1. How Would You Describe the Company Culture and Work Environment? – Significance: Interns’ perceptions of company culture provide valuable feedback on the organization’s values, inclusivity, and overall atmosphere.

11. Were There Opportunities for Professional Networking and Development Beyond Your Immediate Role? 

 Significance: Networking opportunities contribute to interns’ professional growth. Their feedback on this aspect reflects your organization’s commitment to their development.

12. Did You Feel Like Your Contributions Were Valued and Recognized by the Team? 

Significance: Perceptions of recognition and value indicate whether interns felt appreciated for their contributions, influencing their overall job satisfaction.

13. How Would You Rate the Overall Mentorship and Guidance You Received? – 

Significance: The quality of mentorship significantly impacts interns’ experiences and professional growth. Their feedback informs you about areas for improvement in mentorship programs.

14. What Would You Suggest to Improve the Internship Program for Future Participants? 

– Significance: Gathering suggestions for improvement provides actionable insights for enhancing the internship program and ensuring it remains relevant and effective.

15. Do You Feel More Prepared for Your Future Career After Completing This Internship?

 – Significance: Assessing interns’ readiness for their future careers underscores the internship’s impact on their professional development and employability.

16. Would You Recommend This Internship Program to Your Peers? 

Why or Why Not? – Significance: Interns’ likelihood to recommend the program reflects their overall satisfaction and serves as a testimonial for potential future candidates, contributing to the program’s reputation.


Asking these 16 insightful questions to interns about their experience not only enhances the intern feedback process but also helps your organization continuously improve its internship program. The responses provide valuable data to assess the program’s effectiveness, make necessary adjustments, and ensure that each internship experience is a meaningful stepping stone for future professionals. Remember that open and constructive communication with interns is key to fostering a positive and enriching internship program that benefits both the organization and its interns.

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